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About DiverseMinds

No matter what stage of diagnosis you’re at, we can help fund your diagnosis—from assessments to coaching and more. DM has got you covered with end-to-end diagnosis funding available to lower income neurodivergent women across Canada.

Who does DM fund?

DiverseMinds Foundation recognizes the multifaceted challenges faced by lower-income neurodivergent women in accessing neurodiverse conditions diagnosis and support services. Our foundation aims to bridge this gap by providing free diagnosis and general coaching support, empowering these women to lead fulfilling lives while advocating for broader awareness and accessibility within the healthcare system.


























Who Can Apply: Eligibility Criteria

  • Lower-income neurodivergent adult women (with an income less than the average after-tax income of $12,700 Canadian dollars).

  • Lower-income parents/guardians of neurodivergent girls (with an average after-tax income of less than $25,000 per year).


Our foundation aims to empower these marginalized communities by ensuring they receive the necessary support to navigate neurodiverse conditions effectively, fostering independence and well-being.

How to Apply?


DM Foundation accepts funding applications year-round through a two-stage process:

  • Step 1 Initial Inquiry: Submit an initial inquiry form to determine eligibility with our funding priorities.

  • Step 2 Full Application: Upon approval, eligible applicants will be invited to submit a detailed application.


Note that individuals who will be applying for free diagnosis and coaching sessions will be required to complete an online test that is build by neurodivergent expert, therapists and professional coaches upon pre-diagnosing potential neurodiverse conditions. 

DM Foundation Funding Types

DiverseMinds Foundation provides critical funding to support lower-income neurodivergent women and parents/guardians of neurodivergent girls in accessing essential diagnosis and coaching therapies.


Our funding covers a range of initiatives aimed at improving healthcare access and support, including:


Removing Financial Barriers - Access to free diagnosis

We eliminate the financial obstacles that often prevent neurodivergent women from accessing timely and accurate diagnoses and subsequent coaching support.


Mental support: Coaching sessions

We invest in professional training for coaches who provide personalized support to neurodivergent women throughout the diagnostic process, ensuring they receive comprehensive care tailored to their individual needs.


Research for Inclusive Healthcare Systems

We conduct and also fund researches to discover existing inclusive and accessible healthcare systems globally, focusing on facilitating easier access to neurodiversity diagnoses and support services.

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