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Welcome to the second issue of DiverseMinds Magazine! This time, we are honoured to have Becca Harris, an ADHD Nutritionist Registered Dietitian and a social media influencer to speak with our magazine. Becca has the combined type of ADHD and have experienced hyperactivity and executive dysfunction her whole life. Having spent the majority of her life undiagnosed, Becca knows what it’s like to feel different and overwhelmed by everyday tasks. Becca's goal is to help DiverseMinds's audience optimize your health and time in the kitchen. Puchase today to read more on nutrition facts, myth and misconceptions during grocery shopping and many more. 


We are dedicated to serving more than 2k neurodivergent women and readers. With our resource integration platform, DiverseMinds empower audiences with tips, insights and challenging common misconceptions from the latest health, wellness and beauty research and spark discussion about neurodivergence in women - presented in a fun, engaging way that helps audiences lead confident, healthy lives. We envision a world where awareness of gender justice has transformed power and privilege into equity and acceptance for all.


Hope you enjoy reading and discovering tips and life hacks!

DiverseMinds Magazine March 2023

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