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Welcome to the third issue of DiverseMinds Magazine! Meet Amy Noseworthy, a truly captivating storyteller and illustrator who skillfully weaves narratives that explore the intricate tapestry of identity. Amy is renowned for her deep dive into neurodivergent culture, expressing her artistic vision across various mediums, from the immersive world of comics to the emotive realm of illustration. In a candid conversation with DiverseMinds, we had the privilege of peeling back the layers of Amy's creative process to uncover the inspiration behind her thought-provoking work.


Amy's artistic journey spans a diverse range of media, reflecting her commitment to presenting identity in all its rich complexity. Her creations act as mirrors, challenging our preconceptions and encouraging us to reconsider our connections with the world around us.


In our exclusive interview, we take a deep dive into Amy's artistic vision, exploring the motivations and inspirations that fuel her unique expressions. Navigating through the landscapes of her creations, we discover how she crafts narratives that not only captivate the senses but also compel us to pause, ponder, and reassess our own relationships with the complexities of the human experience.Join us as we unravel the enigma that is Amy Noseworthy—an artist whose work transcends the boundaries of conventional artistry. Her creative statements resonate beyond the visual, sparking a dialogue on the profound intersections of art and identity.


Get ready to be immersed in a world where every stroke of the brush and every pen line tells a story—a story that encourages us to embrace the diverse minds that shape our shared reality.


We are dedicated to serving more than 3k neurodivergent women and readers. With our resource integration platform, DiverseMinds empower audiences with tips, insights and challenging common misconceptions from the latest health, wellness and beauty research and spark discussion about neurodivergence in women - presented in a fun, engaging way that helps audiences lead confident, healthy lives. We envision a world where awareness of gender justice has transformed power and privilege into equity and acceptance for all.


Hope you enjoy reading and discovering tips and life hacks!

DiverseMinds Magazine Winter 2023

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