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DiverseMinds is a neurodivergent women's magazine working to bridge the gender gap within the field of neurodiversity. We envision a world where awareness of gender justice has transformed power and privilege into equity and acceptance for all.

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DiverseMinds is a non-profit organization launched in May 2022 by youth leaders and neurodiversity specialists. We are dedicated to serving more than 3k neurodivergent women and 6k readers. With our resource integration platform, DiverseMinds empower audiences with tips, insights and challenging common misconceptions from the latest health, wellness and beauty research and spark discussion about neurodivergence in women - presented in a fun, engaging way that helps audiences lead confident, healthy lives.


Neurodiversity is the diversity and variety of human thinking and neurocognition. This developmental difference is biologically and psychologically rooted, not a matter of belief or “political correctness.” Neurodivergent individuals are not” anomalous” or a source of shame. Still, part of the natural diversity exists within us as a human species obstacles that neurodivergent individuals face in the day-to-day reflect that the society they live in is not sufficiently diligent enough to provide them with the understanding they deserve. At DiverseMinds, neurodivergent and neurotypical work toward our shared goal to create a social environment that works for everyone.

All women feel social pressures in some form, and being neurodivergent can add to the mountainous external pressure to fit in. This is why DiverseMinds exists. Our aim is to create a discussion about neurodivergence in women by challenging common misconceptions and creating a space for neurodivergent women to be seen! We call it the DiverseMinds Revolution!


DiverseMinds is a neurodistinct female magazine working to bridge the gender gap within the field of neurodiversity. There is no single media about women in neurodiversity.

Mission: Providing a platform for women in neurodiversity to shares their thoughts and opinion. An opportunity to express themselves, supporting each other in the society. 

Vision: Bridging the gender gap within the field of neurodiversity.

Value: Community, Creativity, Dignity, Respect and Equity

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Founder's Story

Ashley Chen

Ashley Chen (she/her) is the founder and board chair of DiverseMinds. With an unwavering dedication to promoting inclusivity and understanding, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the brand's direction across various mediums, including print, digital platforms, and affiliated programs.

Ashley's passion for neurodiversity stems from her personal connection to the cause. It was through her closest friend's diagnosis of Autism and ADHD that she became acutely aware of the unique challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals. Determined to make a positive impact, she embarked on a mission to foster acceptance, empower neurodiverse individuals, and dismantle stigmas associated with neurodiversity.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ashley indulges in the art of aerial yoga, gracefully navigating the suspension of traditional limitations while finding balance and strength within herself. This physical practice mirrors her philosophy of embracing diversity and embracing the unique strengths that neurodivergent individuals possess.

Not content with merely breaking boundaries in the realm of advocacy and physical pursuits, Ashley also unleashes her creativity in the kitchen. With an adventurous spirit, she constantly experiments with new recipes, tantalizing taste buds and nourishing the body and soul with her culinary creations.


Through her multifaceted endeavors, Ashley Chen exemplifies a passionate advocate, leader, and changemaker in the neurodiversity space. Her unwavering commitment to fostering acceptance, promoting understanding, and celebrating diversity serves as an inspiration for others, igniting positive change and shaping a more inclusive future for all.



Nancy Marshall

Nancy Marshall is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education at York University, Ontario, Canada. Her research examines the impact of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) on the wellbeing of autistic people from the perspectives of lived experience. Nancy is also a registered Social Worker (RSW) who supports children, youth, and families in her role as a Child and Family Therapist at Ripple Effect Children's services in Toronto, Ontario. Before becoming a therapist, Nancy worked as a Child and Youth Worker who supported autistic and neurodivergent young people in schools and other community settings for over 15 years.

Dori Zener

Dori Zener is a therapist, social worker and the founder of Dori Zenner & Associates (Good Company) located in Toronto, Canada. Dori is involved in various neurodiversity projects and research with affiliated universities across Canada. Her team and herself help autistic people and their loved ones understand and appreciate neurodiversity by using a strengths-based, person-centered approach. All the clinicians have prior experience dealing with girls, women, non-binary people, and LGBTQIA+ people.

Emma Allsopp

Emma Allsopp is a experienced neurodivergent coach located in London, UK. She has been nominated for a Women of Inspiration award through Universal Women’s Network.

Madeleine P. Côté 

Madeleine P. Côté aka Coach Maddy is an ADHD expert, Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Speaker. She has been in this coaching industry for over 20 years. She is also neurodiverse, Maddy has ADHD, anxiety and a mood disorder. Maddy has worked as a trainer at the ADD Coach Academy in New York, the International Coach Training Center and Concordia University. She has been published in books and articles and have spoken at conferences and universities. You’ll find Maddy to be friendly and approachable and she is very appreciative to be a part of this magazine and amongst you.

Armelle McGeachie

Armelle McGeachie is a marketer in the 9-5, and discusses her dyslexia every other hour of the day. She runs Girls with Dyslexia, an online community that seeks to educate and empower girls and women with dyslexia and other neurodiversities. She was diagnosed with dyslexia at 21, so she brings a lot of great experience when understanding late diagnosis.

Deborah Leveroy

Deborah Leveroy is a neuroinclusion practitioner and academic, working to remove barriers in the workplace by equipping individuals and organisations with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to realize and unlock neurodivergent talent. Deborah’s research background in dyslexia and performance practice is published in several peer-reviewed journals, books, and industry toolkits (Routledge, British Dyslexia Association). Her practice-based research is grounded in her lived experience as a dyslexic/dyspraxic learner.

Jessica Michaels

Jessica Michaels is an autistic speaker and coach for women in leadership.

Atara Lipetz

Atara Lipetz is a Psychology, neuroscience & behaviour student at McMaster University. She is also a mentor to neurodivergent children.


Please contact to send a letter to the editor or a guest writer piece. Letters to the editor are normally 500-550 words long, whereas guest writers are often 600-900 words long. Please include your full legal name and if possible school/workplace information. Note: All submissions must be in word doc. The Magazine maintains the right to modify any submissions before publishing them and will notify writers of any significant changes.


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