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HerStory Podcast

Step into the world of HerStory Podcast, proudly presented by DiverseMinds Magazine! Embark on an engaging journey with us as we delve into the intersectionality of women, neurodiversity, and personal empowerment alongside the remarkable ADHD Coach, Maddy Madeleine Cote. Maddy, a expert holding a B.A. and PCC accreditation, wears multiple hats as a Coach, Mentor, Trainer, and Speaker.

In each episode, Coach Maddy generously shares her extensive knowledge and experiences, unveiling the unique narratives of women navigating life with ADHD. From personal anecdotes to expert insights, she explores the hurdles and triumphs, offering valuable tips and strategies to empower you to seize control and lead a more productive, gratifying life.

Whether you're someone personally impacted by ADHD, a supportive ally, or simply intrigued by the diverse experiences of women in today's world, HerStory stands as the podcast where inspiration, practical advice, and a deeper comprehension of neurodiversity await you.

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