Online Communities and resources for Neurodiversity



Community is an important part of healthy living, and with the rise of online social media it is easier than ever before to find those similar to you to connect with. One of the great things about the online sphere is having opportunities to connect with people you would have never met otherwise.

There are many creative and talented content creators who are open about their experiences with neurodiversity and use their platforms to educate others. There are a wide variety of platforms that people have used to talk about their experiences but three with large communities are Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook.



Tik Tok, is a newer social platform where people are able to post videos ranging anywhere from a few seconds long to three minutes. There are many different creators who post about neurodiversity, whether that be educating others one what neurodiversity is or creating skits about their experiences. This important representation is able to create new understanding around what neurodiversity is and how people experience it.

You can find these communities by looking up the hashtags “Neurodiversity, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia'' as a start. As Tik Tok generally is able to create a tailored experience for its users, your recommended videos will also be related to topics you have searched for or interacted with making it easier to find more videos.

A great account to start with is @DyslexicDana, who posts about their experiences with neurodiversity through short skits.


Take your time to navigate on Instagram

Another great platform is instagram where the hashtag “Neurodiversity” currently has around 500,000+ posts. The community on instagram is much more focused on spreading information around different forms of neurodiversity. The content you can expect to find on this platform focuses more on showing people what neurodiversity is as well as helping members of the community by posting different resources.

An account that regularly posts on instagram is @adhd_understood which strives to educate about ADHD and neurodiversity.


Find your community

Facebook groups for neurodiversity also give a large opportunity for those who want to connect with others. Most of these groups are moderated, which creates a safe space for those wanting to open up about experiences.

Social media is also just a space to exist and find content and people you enjoy! You can find your own way and find what is best for you.