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Project Art Works, a organization that cooperate with neurodiverse people

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

By DiverseMinds Research Team

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Project Art Works works with people who have a wide range of support needs, as well as their families and circles of support. Their work combines art and care, responding to neurodiversity's benefits and drawbacks. It encompasses direct practical and comprehensive help, movies, events, initiatives, and exhibitions, all while challenging inclusion assumptions.

Project Art Works studios provide the environment for neurodivergent artists to engage in a wide range of autonomous and collaborative activities on their own terms. The Support Collective, in addition to the studios, brings together people who care for persons with complex support needs to share their experiences and safeguard their rights via training, resources, and advocacy.

Project Art Works offer individualised creative routes for artists and makers from our Hastings studio and temporary studio set-ups for off-site projects and courses. The studio spaces are devoid of hierarchy, where events and happenings take place and artists collaborate purposefully with unfettered communication. More broader and liberating kinds of connection are possible through gesture, voice, signing, and empathy.


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