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How Capsule Closets Can Be Useful for Neurodiversity

Updated: Nov 24, 2022


This minimalistic modern walk-in closet from Indonesia Magazine is a great example of capsule closet.


Fashion is the preferred medium of expression for many people, and over the last few years the fashion industry has become a more accessible space. There have been many models of different body shapes, and models with different conditions who have become prominent in the space. Unfortunately, there can still be a lot of barriers when it comes to navigating fashion as a neurodiverse individual.


Problem we face

There may be a few reasons that fashion can be challenging for many neurodiverse individuals, this may be because of the materials that are used to create clothing which can create sensory issues, the different functional aspects (such as buttons), or becoming overwhelmed with decisions.

These reasons may make it hard to enjoy fashion and finding your own personal style, but there are a few ways this can be combated. It is a myth that you must stay up to date on all the current trends to be stylish, and by using what is known as a ‘Capsule Closet’ you can cut down on stress while still learning about how you can look and feel good.


Capsule wardrobe

A ‘Capsule wardrobe’ or a ‘Capsule Closet’ is a minimalist and intentional way to create your personal closet and clothing options. A ‘capsule wardrobe’ is composed of only a few pieces with a similar color scheme that can all go together in many different combinations. A ‘capsule closet’ can cut down on stress and decision fatigue which is great for someone who doesn't like to change their routine very much. Capsule wardrobes have been gaining popularity in recent years due to social media, but they have been around for years. They are a great way too to cut down on decision making, be comfortable while still stepping outside of your comfort zone. By creating a personal ‘Capsule closet’ for yourself, you are able to choose clothing that is comfortable, and clothing that you know will not trigger any sensory issues or be hard to wear on a daily basis.


How to create a capsule wardrobe

There are many ways to create a capsule wardrobe, and one of the best ways to start is by making a list of which colors, styles, or materials you like. Once you have an idea, you can look through what you already have and you can build on current trends in your closet by adding similar pieces. A capsule closet can also help with being mindful when purchasing new clothing, as you may want to refrain from excessive consumerism and fast fashion. Having basics such as solid coloured tanks, tees, sweaters and bottoms as well as a few staple pieces, a capsule closet can create a large amount of possibilities.

The best thing about having a capsule wardrobe is that it is one hundred percent customizable for you, and you can add pieces however often you want. Oftentimes accessories that are used are also what can create the best outfits. Feel free to play around with your options and find what you feel are the most personally interesting for you.

Fashion is a great tool to gain confidence and learn to express yourself. This is why it can be so overwhelming when wanting to create your very own style or closet, but by following these steps as well as experimenting you can combat difficult buttons, sensory issues or any other issues you may face.


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