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Organizing your life: Product Recommendation for Dyspraxic Women

Updated: Dec 1, 2022



Individuals with dyspraxia usually have some challenges with organizing and planning things. It tends to affect the individual’s ability to plan and process motor tasks. (Marano, n.d.). However, it is essential to note that dyspraxia does not affect one’s intelligence but can cause some learning difficulties. This article helps those to help get organized with the help of a few items that are easily and readily available. Remember, one can always develop unique ways organizational tools would work for them. It is supposed to be customized, functional and meant to work for you. You can use one or co5mbine them with any other way you think would be best suited for your needs for daily living.



The best way to get organized would be to use a diary, visual schedule, an organization app (calendar/ online journal) and/or a wall calendar. These visual tools and aids would help neurodiverse individuals compartmentalize tasks and stay up to date. Too much information that is not recorded or documented would get lost; thus, we would end up not doing them and get overwhelmed.

A planner is a great way to keep organized and stay on tracks with due date, scheduled events and important dates!


Budgeting Planner

Another excellent idea is to use a budgeting planner. This helps you to budget your daily expenses by having certain areas for money and other plastic holders for receipts and important papers.

You can buy this from amazon with a selection of colours. Keep your money and receipt inside the envolpes. Keep track on your spending and savings!


Post-it reminders

Post-it reminders are also a great way to keep track of all the things needed to get done in a day. These can be put in all the significant areas one would visit.

Customize your sticky notes. Be creative!


Purse organizer

Using a purse organizer is a great way to make sure all of the contents of your purse is readily available to you. With this simple hack, you're sure to spend less time searching for things in your fab bag! These are found on amazon.


Multi-key ring holder

Use a multi-key ring holder to keep all of your keys in one place. A cheap tool easily available, but sure to make our lives a bit easier! Readily found on amazon.


Bins with labels

A cheap hack would be to invest in some bins and labels and use this functional method to spruce up your home and organization skills. This adds brightness, cleanliness and declutters your space!


Clothing fasteners

Clothing fasteners are also great tools that can help individuals with challenges in gross and fine motor skills clean up their clothes neat, orderly and independent. These are designed to help with skills that require fine dexterity, such as pulling up a zip-on jacket, unbuttoning a shirt or fastening/ unfastening zip-on pants etc. These are all so much easier if clothing fasteners were used.

You can also come up with your tools and aids if it is best suited to your needs. A fun idea would be to use social media to broadcast the ideas that have helped you so that others with dyspraxia can utilize some of these hacks that would eventually help make their lives easier and happy!


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