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Yes, we are listening to music in the studio, keeping our ADHD brain motivated. Are you?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022


Relax, close your eyes, listen to yourself...


Does music help you? Or make you feel a plethora of emotions? People with ADHD have faced hurdles with attentiveness, focus, and keeping track of time. Music can help increase focus, problem solving, and mood in some women with ADHD.


How music helps with ADHD

Music is not a replacement for traditional ADHD treatments, but it can be an effective complement for some individuals with ADHD. Listening and truly engaging with music has been proven by various researchers to have many positive effects on any individual and their health. It typically has a strong effect on one’s emotions but can also be used for memory strength and task endurance for example. With ADHD, research emphasizes that music can help enhance areas of the brain that are not necessarily stimulated. Examples of this include one’s focus strength or auditory skills. A stronger focus therefore leads to more concentration. Improved auditory skills results in a more powerful development of receptive language which is comprehending others, and expressive language which is responding to others, both of which are critical to superior connections and success.

  • Structure may be provided by time beats and a definite beginning and end to music

  • May increase wellness by reducing stress and improving memory

  • Music can increase dopamine levels and has no negative side effects

  • Can help in anxiety release cycle: The soothing effect of music calms nerves and improves focus

  • Can help to improve social skills: Attending concerts, picking favourite music (self-expression), and playing a musical instrument are all excellent ways to boost confidence


Choose your favourite genre

Certain genres are more useful concentration improvement yet it affects each individual differently. An example of this can be demonstrated through preferences. Some people may enjoy listening to slow jazz music when going on a brisk walk as it helps them focus on their steps and maintaining their rhythm, whether it be fast or slow. On the other hand, some people may enjoy listening to rap or rock type music in the same scenario as it helps them focus on their pace and motivates them to move faster. In this way, music depends on the individual and their goal. As per individuals with ADHD, fast-paced electronic music, rock, EDM or heavy metal may be a better option to induce higher concentration in comparison to slower genres such as classical music or jazz.


8D pr binaural audios

An unique alternative type of music is 8D pr binaural audios. This can be any type of genre of music that circulates using the left and right speakers creating an immersive experience. This experience can also help focus the mind and ease the majority of the ADHD symptoms.


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