No Bake Date Balls for Dyslexia

Updated: 3 days ago



Date balls are an easy and fun way to incorporate essential nutrients and vitamins that are imperative for brain function. This healthy dessert is able to come together fast with only a few ingredients that you probably already have. Dates, almond butter and walnuts are all delicious ingredients to use in desserts as well as extremely brain healthy. Dates are a source of Vitamin B6, an important vitamin in creating and maintaining neurotransmitters in the brain. Almond butter and walnuts have omega three fatty acids, which are also linked to better brain function as they make up cell membranes. This snack can be great for those who have dyslexia. It supplies many nutrients that are linked to more manageable symptoms.

This dessert is easy, simple and no bake! Anyone can make these and customize them to their liking. By creating your own desserts at home, you can make sure that everything you are consuming is good for you.


What you will need:

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