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ADHD and Racing Thoughts

Looking beyond motor hyperactivity 

Although we often see hyperactivity as physical, hyperactivity does perpetuate mentally as well. On the outside, you might appear cool, calm and collected, while internally your mind is the opposite. This means you experience the phenomenon called “racing thoughts,” a key symptom of ADHD.

By Anika Padhiar


Hyperactivity can bring about challenges in your everyday life

  1. Trouble falling asleep

  2. Difficulty focusing on things

  3. Having a short attention span and zoning out 

  4. Triggers anxiety and intrusive thoughts 

  5. Can co-occur with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) 


Here are some tips on how to tackle these issues 

Stop! Turn on Your Senses & Embrace the Moment

1. Pause what you are doing for a few minutes.  

2. Look around and take time to observe your surroundings. 

3. Listen to the environment you are in. Pay attention to the sounds you hear externally and in your mind.

4. Touch the objects around you; the slower you do so, the more you’ll appreciate the experience.

5. Smell items in your environment, whether it be a bouquet of flowers, coffee or your favourite perfume. 

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