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ADHD and Unfinished Projects

Living with ADHD can make staying focused a little difficult. Being easily distracted when you have ADHD does not mean you're lazy or have a poor work ethic. Almost all of us have days when it is hard to stay focused. Distractions are everywhere, from daily phone notifications to people talking loudly and dogs barking nearby.

By Alana Ricketts


All these distractions can pull our attention away from the task at hand. Research suggests that people with ADHD can have difficulty staying on task, focusing, daydreaming, or keeping organized, which can cause us to lose track of time. Not everyone with ADHD has all these traits, for it varies from person to person. While focusing might be a challenge, it's not impossible, and these strategies can help you develop your attention skills.

Tips to Help Keep Your Focus with ADHD

Working to improve your focus is trial and error when learning what works best for you. 

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