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Being a Neurodiverse Girl in a Corporate World (as late diagnosed) - Dyslexic Edition

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Words by Armelle McGeachie

I’m just a girl, standing in front of an office, begging them to love me.

The reality is: I’m dyslexic. And the one thing that I come across most as a girl in corporate marketing is one simple question.

“But how are you in marketing - you can’t read and write?”

Big no-no.

With 80% of dyslexics being diagnosed until after school, the workplace - unbeknownst to most neurotypical people - can be extremely treacherous if you’ve had a late diagnosis.

And it’s this way for a few reasons:

  • We don’t know what support we need for our dyslexia because we have nothing to go by. Seeing dyslexic people at school receive support isn’t of use to us, because we come across different challenges in the workplace oppose to school

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