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Riding Public Transportation as a teen with ADHD and Autism

Updated: Aug 25, 2023


Public transportation can be hard for people who are neurodiverse and, in fact, neurotypical people as well. I used to travel by trains, buses, planes, you name it and I transported on it. However, after receiving my diagnoses for ADHD & Autism I decided I would stop masking. Masking is when a person covers up who they truly are to ‘fit in’ with the social climate. Neurodiverse people can do this consciously or unconsciously.

I always felt on edge when travelling. Not once did I mention it to anyone as I thought it was immature to be frightened of something like that. I felt ashamed. It was my secret to keep and nobody else to know. So when I found out about my diagnoses and reading about other people's journeys, I registered that I wasn’t the only one that was afraid of travelling. There was absolutely no reason to feel self-conscious about it. A fear is a fear, regardless of what it is.

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