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Sarang Kitchen - A restaurant full of love and joy

By Chantalle Guddaran

by blogTO


To a passerby, Sarang Restaurant is just another restaurant, blending in with the mass of shops and cafes along the busy streets of Dovercourt and Bloor. What makes this restaurant stand out is its commitment to celebrating neurodiversity while serving delicious Korean fried chicken. 


by blogTO


Jennifer Low, a Ph.D. candidate who taught and worked with neurodivergent students in New Zealand for ten years, was inspired to open a neurodivergent-friendly restaurant from one of her student’s parent’s personal experiences. The parent recalled they had not eaten at a restaurant for a long time because either their child would get a sensory overload or the staff would complain about their behaviour. Determined to make the dining experience more inclusive to everyone, Low teamed up with Deon Kim, a trained chef and soon-to-be husband, and moved to Toronto to open Sarang Restaurant while pursuing her Ph.D. studies. 

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