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Sensory-Friendly Skincare

Caring for our skin is an essential part of our everyday routines. While skincare is a pleasant and calming experience for some, having sensory sensitivities can make it difficult to enjoy.

By Alana Ricketts


From products with strong fragrances and uncomfortable textures to others with harsh formulas that strip the skin, finding sensory-friendly products can be a challenge. Here are some tips for creating a sensory-friendly skincare routine:


Tip 1: Avoid Ingredients That May Cause Irritation

If you struggle with sensitive skin, the presence of certain ingredients such as alcohol, sulphates, and/or fragrances raises questions of concern. Many skincare products tend to contain artificial fragrances, which is common in causing irritation. Fragrance-free skincare products benefit those with sensitive skin because they are made with more neutral ingredients that do not cause skin irritation. When looking for skincare products to add to your daily routine, read the ingredient labels and go for products without these potential irritants to minimize sensory triggers. 

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