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The Art Of Autism

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

By the DiverseMinds Research Team

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Art of Autism is created by artists who capture or convey various experiences of autism. Since sensory hypersensitivity and autistic people tend to focus more intensely on detail, there may be a link between autism and talent. Art by people with autism has long been exhibited in different venues by non-disabled artists, and art by people with autism is often considered outsider art. Some autistic artists have had their work featured in art publications and documentaries and exhibited in mainstream galleries. Today, there are many autism art programs and programs created by nonprofit organizations, autism artists or other institutions to help people with autism express themselves and promote autism art.

People with autism have various differences in brain regions, including emotional processing, social cognition, facial recognition and executive function. They may be overly sensitive and depressed to sensory stimuli, and even unable to participate in normal social activities. For example, children with autism may not be able to watch movies because of crowded and noisy environments. On the other hand, this hypersensitivity may make people with autism more perceptive than the average person. Autistic people's extreme attention to detail may lead to talent in math, art or other fields. People with autism who are artistically talented are often outsiders in the art world. Unlike ordinary art, they are created with almost no tradition or academic standards. Everyone has their own art style that shows the inner world of people with autism.

  • Stephen Wiltshire was born in 1974 (b. 1974) cityscape in his work. Stephen is considered as one of the most influencial autistic artists, and his work often revolves around architectural features.

  • Donna Williams (1963-2017) - Focuses on figurative work, with an emphasis on movement.

  • Larry Bissonnette was born in 1957

  • Henriett Seth F. was born in 1980 (b. - Create abstract, highly patterned works.

  • GillesTrehin (born 1972) - self-taught artist who creates architectural drawings mainly in pencil. Many of his sketches are of a fictional world called Urville.

  • George Widener born 1962 (b. 1962) - Creates detailed fictional worlds and is displayed in Ricco Maresca Gallery, New York, New York.

  • Richard Wawro (1952-2006)

  • Jonathan Lerman was born in 1987

  • Noble born in 1981

  • Susan Te Kahurangi King

Painting autism

Painting autism is a collection of images and artwork created by people diagnosed with autism. This collection brings together the great works of more than 50 autistic artists from around the world, and illustrates the artistic potential of autistic people and insights into some of the characteristics of autism. The program's founder is Jill Mullin, a board-certified behavioral analyst. In her 15 years of working experince with people with autism, Jill has discovered that many of them are talented in math, science and the arts.

The Art of Autism

The Autism Arts Society is a non-profit organization that empowers people with autism and their families through a variety of arts including visual art, music, blogging, poetry, dance and other art forms. They offer autistic artists a variety of opportunities to showcase their creations, share their personal stories and promote art. In addition, they work to raise the importance of art for people with autism and provide mentoring opportunities.


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