Tips For Overcoming Driving Challenges as an ADHDer

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If you have ADHD, you know that driving can be quite the struggle. You also may know that the driving challenges you experience occur due to the inattentiveness and distractibility that you succumb to in your day-to-day life (“ADHD and Driving”, 2022). This creates bad habits on the road. However, fear no more. It is time to use the unique traits that you were given to become the #ultimatedriver. No, seriously - you can turn your presumed “weaknesses” into strengths! If you’re wondering how, keep reading this issue of DiverseMinds Magazine! Here are our Tips to Overcoming Driving Challenges as an ADHDer.


Understanding the Why

It is very probable that you clicked on this article because you have experienced driving difficulties in the past (or still do to this present day), and you’re searching for some magical answer that will explain why. Perhaps you’re expecting us to tell you what you’ve heard your whole life – that your brain works differently than others, making you feel like an outcast when compared to the rest of society. The reality is, you’re not atypical for experiencing challenges while driving. Everybody goes through it at some point in their lives, whether they’d like to or not, and this is especially true for newbies on the road. Please understand that it is absolutely normal to make mistakes… After all, this is what makes us human. The sole difference between you and the average individual lies in the fact that your neurodivergent brain is a bit more extraordinary than normal – hyper-aware of its surroundings, quick to act, and in need of immediate dopamine. When is this ever a bad thing, anyway? While it is this impaired executive function that has the potential to make you an impulsive, distracted driver with an altered ability to judge your environment, these traits also make it very possible for you to be highly-skilled on the road. With all this said, it’s finally time for exploration: how can women with ADHD approach driving in a way that suits their extraordinary brains to become excellent drivers?

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