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What is "ADHD Paralysis"?

By Shaylin Prajapati

"Picture this: you are sitting down at your desk, laptop in front of you, ready to tackle your to-do list, but it feels like your brain has hit a wall. "

This feeling can be common in those with ADHD, and is known as ADHD paralysis. This refers to a state of mental stagnation, where individuals with ADHD find themselves unable to initiate or complete tasks despite their intentions and desires to do so. 


Types of ADHD Paralysis

There are three common types of ADHD Paralysis. Understanding and recognizing the differences between them can help to identify the best coping strategies.

ADHD mental paralysis,

also known as ‘sensory overload’ – a state of overwhelm from thoughts, emotions, or information. It might create difficulties in expressing oneself verbally, moving around, or communicating current thoughts.

ADHD task paralysis,

can lead to procrastination and evading tasks, triggered by an impending list of things to do. A person with ADHD may often delay and sidestep it by engaging in alternative activities or spacing out.

ADHD choice paralysis,

known as "analysis paralysis," this situation arises when a person is presented with numerous choices and has to make a decision. In response, they may excessively contemplate the scenario, resulting in feelings of overwhelm and struggling to make a selection or put a solution into effect.

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