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Yoga?! Let's Have Some Fun Time

Updated: May 4

While many forms of fitness aim to attain a physical standard, yoga aims to achieve fitness through the connection between our mind, body and spirit. Fitness is often thought of from a physical perspective, where greater fitness is defined by greater physical strength to endure stressors and pressure.

By Rachel Lam



This notion of fitness can also be applied to one’s mind – where a fit and healthy mind is able to disentangle itself from the obstacles and stressors that are unavoidable in everyday life. Yoga encourages us to strengthen the union between the mind and body. This is built on principles that direct focus towards yourself and your health while bringing awareness to your spiritual nature to live a meaningful life. 


The healing system of yoga relies upon 4 principles

  1. The human body is seen as a holistic system composed of dimensions that are related and inseparable. As such, health and illness in one dimension impacts that in another. 

  2. The practice of yoga is shaped by the unique needs and traits of each individual.

  3. A sense of autonomy is obtained from the notion that healing does not come from an external source but rather from within. Each student is empowered to be their own healer.

  4. The state of the mind directly impacts the process of physical healing. A positive and healthy mindset will facilitate healing, whereas a negative mindset may act as a barrier to healing.

This ancient discipline originating in India dates back 5,000 years. Today, different yogic disciplines and practices stem from and honour the following 8 limbs described in the original texts that illuminate a path to awareness and enlightenment. 

Types of Yoga

Yama – universal ethics

Niyama – individual ethics

Asana – physical postures

Pranayama – breath control

Pratyahara – control of the senses

Dharana – concentration

Dyana – meditation

Samadhi – bliss or enlightenment

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