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The ADHD Exercise Solution for Women

Updated: Aug 25, 2023



Physical exercise has nothing but benefits to it. Aside from its physical health and wellbeing improvements, physical activity can also keep your brain in a better shape. Exercise has been proven by various research scientists to alleviate negative traits both mentally and physically due to its hormone and neurotransmitter productions. These productions create a positive impact on many aspects of your body including a focus on your mental well-being.

With its positive influence on the brain, it is evident that neurodiverse women might seek physical activity as one of their many coping mechanisms. When it comes to ADHD, the more complex and difficult the exercises are, the better. This is due to ADHD countering an overactive cerebellum which causes individuals to quickly become inattentive and impulsive. This is often treated with medication, altered schooling with education aids, and psychological counselling. The neurotransmitters involved in the brain for exercise are dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine acts as the reward center in our brain which is important for individual motivation and pleasure. A deficiency in dopamine can lead to mood changes, tiredness and importantly, a decrease in motivation.

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